Biju, an innocent looking young guy who hails from Harippad in Kerala, is a talented software professional now employed as Sr Software Engineer in Comtel,Singapore. I met this person when we were working in Bangalore and we became very close friends when we worked together on a project for Warner Lambert India Ltd.  We lovingly call him as Biju Ismail Joseph and his interests goes in music, movies, chatting. He is married to Anuja and they are blessed with two kids.

Biju Skaria, our Pothanikkadan (he originates from the place known as Pothanikkad, a gateway village to highrange area in Kerala) is now employed as Senior Professor with the computer science department of Mar Athanasious College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. He is mastered in the art of sweet talking.  We met first on the threshold of Mar Athanasious College where we have done our graduation together. We lovingly call him as ’Kariachan', the name derived from his last name. He is married to Merin and settled in his home village-Pothanicadu. Click here if you would like to drop a line a for him.



Binny, a professional web designer from Trichur,Kerala and now working with Iquara Technologies in Bangalore. He is a hard worker who wants to achieve great things in life.   Anyhow he has good hopes for tomorrow and looking forward to the day he land in the US and join with his brother.  Let's wish him good luck in his future endeavours. He is staying in Bangalore with his wife Bessy and they are blessed with a son -Jonathan

Harikrishna, an innocent smart guy from Nellore,Anhdra Pradesh. He is now working with IBM, Bangalore as a Software Engineer. We met at 'Charles Jovita'- our home at Bangalore in 1998. We have been very good friends since then. He is a hard worker and talented person and I've rarely seen dedicated and aggressive persons like him.  He is now in Seattle, USA for an assignment with one of the client of IBM.  He is married to Geetha and blessed with a son.



Jagan, popularly known as 'Jaggu Dada', one of my dearest friends. When I met him in Bangalore on a New Year day (1998), he appears to be a person who hates the present and having great hopes about future.  He also has a never ending desire to enjoy the life the way it is.  After all he is a person having ultimate concern and care about others and it is a treasure to have a friend like him . He is from Mavelikkara, Kerala and now employed with ANZ Information Technology as the Customer Support Manager. He is married to Anu and settled in Bangalore. They are blessed with two girls - Joannah & Hannah. 

Joby,  a karate guy from Angamaly,Kerala   now working with VSoft Inc., as Senior System Analyst. Our friendship started when we were together in Ubics India Pvt. Ltd and developed to a very close relationship after reaching here in US. He would love to spend the whole day by browsing internet, most of the time with his favourite search engine-'google' or online Business magazines. He is well versed with current affairs and Global economy and used to attack any one with this weapon of knowledge - so his friends do a second thought to speak to him over the phone especially on Friday evenings. He never likes the present life and has got never ending dreams about his life. He is settled in Detroit with his wife Maria. They are blessed by two sons - John and Paul



Lovy, an innocent looking young buddy from Madras whose roots are in Mavelikkara, Kerala. We met at Wausau, Wisconsin in Jan 2000 and have been very good friends since then. He is a talented software professional, now working with Abbott Labs as the Lead of the Business Intelligence Team,. His interests goes in playing tennis and travelling(but he doesn't like driving).  He now lives in Chicago with his wife Jain. They are gifted with two daughters - Leah and Hannah.

Manoj, is the first person with whom I had frienship in United States of America. This pious young person originates from Pooyappally in Quilon district of Kerala.  He is now working as a project manager in Schneider Logistics,Inc. He has ultimate care and concern towards others and will never loose an opportunity if he find himself as a help for others. He is a sincere friend to all which makes him a 'friend in need is a friend indeed'.  He is settled in Chicago with his wife Ruby and kids Kevin and Kester.  Visit him here.



Monsy, our dear Monsychayan, our ex-pm is a close friend to all of us. We lovingly call him as Irachichayan-a name given to him because of his frequent visit to Palai, his home town. He is an ultimate God-fearing person and used to shower blessings and advices to all of us(sinners) whenever he gets an opportunity.  He neither smokes nor does he drink but is a very good company to people with these habits.  I would say he is a very valued companion to have. He is now working as the Customer Support Manager with Infosys Ltd. He lives in Thiruvananthapuram with his wife Rani and they are blessed with four kids.

Murali, a talented Software Engineer from Chithoor,Andrapradesh.  We met in 1997 when we were working together in Bangalore and we were room mates for two years in 'Charles Jovita'- our home in Bangalore. He is very organized in almost everything he does and he wants others to be like him.  I would say, it is his hard work and quality in whatever he do, played a key role in the success of his career.  He is one of my close friends and now working as the Practice Manager with IT Solutions India Ltd.  



Nandu,  hails from Thrippunithura, Kochi and now working as a Senior Software Engineer with WiproTechnologies.   I met him in 1997 at Logica Systems, Bangalore and we joined the company almost the same time. We have been very close friends since then. One would love the companionship of this young person and ofcourse he is a very sincere and loving friend to all of us. Nandu is a very hard working and vividly talented person and his dedication and sincerity to work is admirable.  He is now in Bangalore with his wife Sajitha

Paul,our ‘Basha’ is another interesting character whom I can call as a friend.  I met him at Bangalore in 1998 where we worked together.  He is a talented software professional currently working in Pereniss Softwares, Singapore. This young buddy is well versed in composing ‘Bharani Pattukal’ and would love to compete with any one on this particular area.  He originates from the town of ‘Achayans’, Palai and now settled in Singapore.



Prince, originates from Nellimattom near Kothamangalam in Kerala. Peechadan is another innocent and interesting character in my friends circle. We met first when we were doing our pre-degree course and we were together till the completion of our Bachelors degree from Mar Athanasious College, Kothamangalam. He has done his Masters in Physical Education (MPEd) from Pondichery University .This 6.3 Feet tall guy is a loving friend and his interest mainly goes in his profession(sports), agriculture and doing research on things or creatures we see around us. If you would like to know more about him, click here.

Raghu, popularly known as 'Pushku' or 'Pushki' - abbreviation of Pushkaran. This funny, innocent looking young buddy hails from Palakkad , Kerala. He is such a funny character and he becomes very embarrassed when every one call him as Pushku (He blames Thoma for marketing the name in this way).  He is one of my close friends and now working with Dover India Private Ltd. as project manager. What he fears the most is the phone call from Thoma especially in the evenings. He is married to Bindu and settled in Bangalore. They are belssed with two kids.



Rajesh Khanna,  I met him in Ubics, Bangalore in Jan 2000 and the friendship continued even after reaching here in the United States. He is originated from Patna, Bihar and working as System Analyst in Ubics Inc. He has great hopes about the future and that is one of the reason he was attracted to the so called "e-commerce business" (as per the business partners), Quixtar and quit the same well before the people sponsored by him (including me). Anyhow he is still looking forward for a bright future and let's wish him the very best. He is now in Kentucky with his wife Jayanti. Click here to know more about him.

Rephy V S, we call him as Rephyannan and he is one of the close friends I have. He is working as a Software Engineer in National Computer company (NATCOM),KSA. We met at the age of ten and we have been together till the time we worked for Universal Group of institutions, Muvattupuzha. This pious young chap is from my home town Muvattupuzha and he is settled in Riyadh with his wife Shahida. They are gifted by a baby, Fatchu Mol. Click here, if you would like to contact him.



Sampath, popularly known as Rambo is one of the interesting character whom I can call as a friend. He is famous with his presence of mind and the mighty gesture he has and ofcourse with his famous quote ' hey idiot, we are still in the learning process'.  This humorous guy is from Bangalore and he finds himself liked by everyone who meets him. He is presently working in ITTL Bangalore and still looking for a suitable alliance. 

Sreejith, our 'Kunju' hails from Kothamangalam and we first met at the threshold of Mar Athansious College, Kothamangalam. He mastered the art of sweet talking and has got only one weak point, wants to be a 'Krishnan' life long. That might be the reason, he is still studying at the age of 30.  He is now in France doing his masters in Philosophy. He has been threatening us for years that he will start his career as a lecturer in one of the colleges in Kerala very shortly. Wanna know more? Click here to drop a line for him.



Sridhar, hails from Hyderabad and now working as a Project Manager with one of the leading IT company in India. We met at Bangalore in 1997 and he is a very good friend to all of us. This person is a talented software professional who possess lot of interpersonal skills both technical and general and ofcourse one can learn lot from him. Despite all efforts to put on weight, he has been unable to do so. He is a friend who is able to support you in dire situations and you can always depend on his sound advice to get around your unhappy times in life.

Thomas, popularly known as 'Thoma' hails from Pathanamthitta, Kerala and is one of my closest friends.  He is now working with Microsoft as Program Manager. He has got a very high self respect and always thinks he is right. This 6.3 Feet tall person has the habit of doing research on the erroneous zones of others. However he is a vividly talented software professional with ultimate dedication to work and I have hardly seen people like him.  He is so delicate that we have to give special attention to him if he is around and we need not get offended by his talk or behaviour, he really didn't mean that....  He is married to Nisha and they are blessed with a daughter-Sharon.



Veeva, a vivacious young personality from my neighbourhood whom I can call as dearest friend.  We lovingly call him as 'Eight' or 'Bulb'.  He is now working as Senior Professor with the Business Administrations department of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery, Cochin.  His self motivation and hard working played a key role in the success of his career.  He is now settled in Karingachira, Cochin but his roots are in Muvattupuzha.  We have been together in the Ups and Downs of our lives and used to share our happiness and sorrows together.  He is really a treasured companion to have.

..... List Incomplete .....

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